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Testing Testing

There is a baby rocking back and forth 

to the rhythm of a blue mother

the faster you rock the faster the guitar 

just like the way you shift your weight back and forth on a rock in a river

test your balance

just once more

make sure you understand that your body has its limits 

and when you crash into unfurling waves

remember the briskness of your fall 

and the angle of your treachery. 

you are so blue

(so blue so blue)

like a bruise from who knows where that you try and remember

(why can’t we remember) 

Why can’t we remember the little lifts of your own lips 

and all the moments you squish your freckles together 

because you are grinning.

I remember all the moments you looked at me in the car 

and I can remember worrying about the sand on the ground 

and if you hated me for it. 

We all become Picasso Paintings once in awhile

but only some of us go vangouh 

and gough crazy 

Go crazy with me

cut your ears off with screeching knives and pencil sharpers with me.

If you do it too, it won’t be as crazy.

(thats how things work you know) 

not all warts worry you know.

We are all shaky and disregarded. 

We are all loved and we are all layers of feathers.

but I am constantly molting like a speckled axe left out on a stump. 

Wrap me in your arms and I will feel it burn me with my own passion.

I will feel it bird and be free

and we will strap on are sedated sneakers and slither away into our oblivion. 

You are blue. You are sharp 

You are a phone cracking fuzzy in an ocean made from raw rice that slices holes in your fingers.

Am I holy now? (I believe in you)

or are those holes from my jeans just preaching the wrong bakery bread.

I think I am listening to hard. 

I think I am reading too far into you. But you are a book I can’t stop.

Its been a hard days night 

but you are a harder tune to crack. 

crack crack knock knock and a fuzzy phone

You are the last letter in the alphabet.

But I can’t even call you by that name. So I will call you “I miss you”

Because that is what I would call out, if I saw you biking away.